Grow. Transform. Change.

Our Philosophy

We believe that standing tall is critical to success and fulfillment in work and life. As a kid, do you remember being reminded to put your shoulders back and stand up straight? It was because this change in posture helped you look your best and be confident and ready to deal with anything. At 5Ten, we see this simple reminder as a powerful call to action and a metaphor for the work we do. Through leadership and team coaching, organizational consulting, training workshops and retreats, we provide a pathway for you to stand tall and tackle anything.

What We Do

We grow leaders. We transform teams. We change organizations.
We have a lot of fun in the process!


Let’s face it.  In today’s fast-paced, complex and ambiguous world, it’s challenging to lead, no matter how skilled, experienced, passionate and committed you are.  You need support and we’ve got it through one-on-one coaching and leadership development courses.


The majority of work in organizations gets done within and across teams. Yet it’s not only what they produce and achieve together, but also how they interact and collaborate that matters. Use team coaching to increase awareness and build new habits and skills.  Take your team performance to higher levels.


Whether you are making a small or large-scale change, dealing with intergroup dynamics, tackling survey feedback or planning a retreat, we bring customized solutions.

We are also known for our work in Leadership Presence

At 5Ten, we use a unique, holistic approach and process to cultivate leadership presence that is grounded by experience and research in the fields of somatics, organization and leadership development, mindfulness and neuroscience. We go beyond presentation skills and techniques and engage the mind and body. We put your presence into action real-time and build deep, sustainable change. You don’t just gain insights, you embody the change and learn new practices to apply in work and life. READ MORE >>

Who We Partner With

We work with non-profit and for-profit organizations, medium-to-large size companies, as well as county and federal government agencies.  We’re honored to work with a diverse clientele ranging from NASA to the National Institutes of Health.