Team Coaching

Improve Performance, Effectiveness and Results

Are members of your team working at cross purposes?

When it’s time for the team to make a decision, do you feel like you are stuck in the spin cycle?

Is your team working well but you want to up their level of performance and results?

Have you experienced a flux of new team members and you need to get everyone aligned and on the same page?

Does your senior leadership team need to shift from a function-centric approach to an organization-wide perspective?

These are a few of the situations 5Ten has tackled successfully through Team Coaching. While the goal of team coaching is to improve performance, effectiveness and results, Team Coaching is a more nuanced way of working because of its unique focus and customized nature. No two engagements are the same.

What is Team Coaching About?

Team coaching can range from a few meetings to clarify roles and responsibilities within the team to something longer like 6-12 months to get the team moving forward with the goals of the company in mind. It’s not a one-time team building exercise, meeting facilitation or training workshop, although these activities can be quite useful.

Rather it’s a series of team meetings where the focus is not only task accomplishment, but also team dynamics and group process. It requires, time, commitment, courage and hard work by you and everyone on your team.

How Does It Work in Reality?

As your team coach, we will coach you and your entire team real-time when you meet to do real work.

You may see us stopping action to pose a few questions to you as team leader so you can reflect and more artfully choose your next action. Or we may ask the team to step back and assess how they see themselves functioning and performing in the moment. We may also ask questions or provide observations and feedback to help an individual, a subgroup within the team or the entire team to see themselves or their situation a bit differently. We may provide a tool, tip or strategy to address a skill gap or behaviors that interfere with teamwork. For example, we might use a 4-step model for giving feedback or a structured thinking process for making decisions.

Whether you lead an intact work group, a cross-functional team, or a project team that has been tasked to deliver a shared outcome(s) or product(s), Team Coaching may be the answer for your specific challenge or opportunity. As 5Ten Team Coaches, we will help increase individual and collective awareness, build skills where needed, and assist you and your team in producing sustainable results on your own.

What’s the 5Ten Approach?

We start with a conversation in order to understand you and your team strengths, development needs and challenges. We listen deeply. We share how team coaching works and what it requires, and discuss the approach and team frameworks we use. We review any organizational models you might have and talk through questions and concerns to see if we’re a fit. We then craft a customized engagement – one that fits the bill for you and your team.