Uncover and Cultivate Your Unique Presence

What Is It?

We commonly hear Leadership Presence or Executive Presence to describe that special something that a leader has (or maybe doesn’t have). It is held as an elusive quality – “we know it when we see it.” – and its often attributed to a leader’s charisma, personality, appearance, voice, etc.

However, presence is a quality of being in a situation or relationship – present, open and connected in the moment. Leadership presence is extending this internal state into a resonant connection with others. So, it’s an inner and outer experience. It shows up in not only how we listen and communicate, but also in how we build rapport and trust, move and take action, respond under pressure and collaborate with others.


How Do You Work with Presence?

We offer individual coaching and workshops for leadership teams and groups.

We start with awareness – helping you become more mindful, alert and attuned to your full self. This includes not only what you are thinking and feeling, but also what you notice about your physical body –  your posture and overall shape, gestures, energy and sensations, as well as your internal guidance system. We then help you discover your habits under pressure and learn new ways to respond. We do this through standing, moving and walking exercises and practices. This builds resilience and self-mastery, and leads to greater social awareness.

The other avenue for working with Leadership Presence stems from your signature presence.  Like our fingerprints, we each have a unique presence – the natural way we come across and interact with others and the world around us. This signature presence is your home base. Can you accurately describe it? Leaders must then call forth different qualities of their presence depending on the situation. Perhaps you need to enroll senior leaders and secure resources for a key project. Or you need to diffuse a disagreement within your team. It’s not only what you say in these scenarios, but how you say it and the impact on others that matters. Being aware and intentional about your leadership presence can make the difference between success and failure.

At 5Ten, we have a unique process to help you succeed and transform. We work with you to uncover your signature presence and increase alignment between your intention and impact through movement, feedback and practice.

Leadership Presence

What’s the 5Ten Approach?

We’ve done and continue to do the work of personal change and transformation ourselves. We know what it takes to face yourself repeatedly and achieve breakthrough learning that is embodied. We have a wealth of experience and a proven somatic methodology that is anchored in neuroscience, mindfulness and organization and leadership development. We design a pathway for you with specific practices and actions that cultivate presence. We make learning fun, personal and relevant to your work and your life.